Who we are


Modon is one of the most prominent and successful companies in modern real estate development in Iraq and operates under the umbrella of Al Handal International Group.

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.
Modon is characterized by a flexible and professional work mechanism that depends on the study and analysis of the target markets and segments to form a deep understanding of urban communities and their living and residential needs in order to design and develop residential, commercial and service projects appropriate to their needs and that fall within their purchasing capabilities.

Legacy Of Craft

Quality is at the core of Modon Real Estate Development. Every element of each project is, therefore, designed and developed in-house.

We build homes

We don’t just build apartments and villas. We ensure in every aspect that it is indeed a home for you and your family. We build Homes.

Passion For Perfection

Crafting a product that stands out entails attention to the finest of details. Ensuring exceptional quality, every time. You can see that perfection in every inch.

Building The Future

The future is not ours to await; it’s ours to create. Those who understand and plan for future transformations are best placed to design and control the path ahead of us all.

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