Hardan Noori Al Handal

CEO's Message

Urbanism has always been associated with civilization and was a symbol of the progress of peoples and the advancement of nations. The urban monuments in Mesopotamia are the best evidence of the rich heritage of our beloved Iraq, the “cradle of civilizations” in the development of urban man and his cultural, social and even economic growth. Since ancient times, urbanization has not been a symbol of defying nature and demonstrating the influence of states as much as it is a necessity to meet the social, economic and cultural life requirements of peoples.
Wars and conflicts have a negative impact on the lives of people in all societies, and their wounds and scars do not heal easily, especially when they cause forced displacement, the emergence of overcrowding, slums, and the absence of services. The fundamental change in the rapid modern way of life and technological development has negatively affected real estate development, so that individualism and isolationism have gradually become entrenched and gradually vanished. Warm residential neighborhoods that embrace coexisting and united communities of all shades. Our love for Iraqis for life made us overcome all difficulties without exception and gave us the motivation in cities to revive intimacy and affection between families through modern real estate projects that depend on providing integrated services in a bright green environment in which social, cultural and recreational facilities are diverse for all family members. We in Mudon have taken it upon ourselves to return to the basics of real estate development in response to the living and living needs of the Iraqi society and to harness urban progress and technology in developing real estate projects in a modern, modern manner that does not contradict, or even enhance, our cultural heritage and our rich social traditions.

Our success in Modon depends on our provision of distinguished and innovative real estate products that fall within the purchasing power of the targeted segments of all segments of society through creativity in designing the spaces and studied divisions of real estate units and diligence in the development and implementation of financial and value engineering and in perfecting implementation and ensuring the quality of construction. Our journey with the residents does not end when the real estate units are delivered. Rather, it takes a new direction by providing a maintenance and management service for sustainable world-class facilities with the aim of ensuring the continuity of the residents’ prosperity and maintaining the quality and value of their real estate assets.

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