A distinguished attendance at the sales launch ceremony of the fifth phase of the Buruj project

20 Jan, 2024
Thanks to God, sales of the penultimate phase of the Buruj residential project in Baghdad, which is one of Modon Real Estate Development projects, have been launched. The names (Riviera and Laguna) were given to the towers of this phase, which are names that mean overlooking the lakes. There was a great demand for booking residential units, especially since the project is preparing to deliver the first phase, God willing.

Modon announces the launch of sales for the Buruj project

After the success of selling the entire first phases of the Buruj residential project, Modon announces the launch of sales of the penultimate phase of the project under the name (Riviera - Laguna). It is worth noting that the new towers feature a view of the lakes, and the ceremony date will be on Saturday, January 20, 2024, at the Modon Square sales center. Baghdad

Modon participate in the Baghdad International Fair

Al-Handal International Group participated in the 47th Baghdad International Fair under the slogan “Iraq Communicates.” There was a distinguished presence of the group and the real estate arm, Modon Real Estate Development Company, which participated with its distinguished projects and presented the company’s strategy to provide the best real estate solutions in beloved Iraq.

Executive Director of Modon Real Estate Development Company on the Arab Personalities Directory website

December 2023

A Guide to Arab Personalities | Hardan Nouri Al-Handal: An entrepreneur with diverse professional interests in the fields of real estate development, commercial venture capital, and real estate investments. More information about his professional career:

Buruj and Lavida won the Arabian Property Awards 2023

September - 2023
Buruj and Lavida won the Arabian Property Awards 2023 Modon Real Estate Development is proud to be the first Iraqi company to win a set of prestigious international awards for its pioneering projects implemented in Baghdad Governorate, which contribute to moving the real estate sector. Modon has been honored with the Arabian Property Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the world, and the Best Futuristic Design Award. Through the Middle East Design Awards Today, Modon seeks, with its tireless efforts, to launch several qualitative projects, including the Future City Project, the La Vida Project, the Al-Buruj Project, and other projects that embody the ambition and ability to support the economic movement and add a distinctive quality to the Iraqi real estate sector, with projects with a national and vital dimension to enhance the cultural facade of the capital, Baghdad.



The arrival of the Concrete plant for the largest project in the capital Baghdad

Baghdad - Augusts 2023
Praise be to God, that the ready-mixed concrete manufacturing plant has arrived at the Future City project, one of the projects of Modon Real Estate Development Company. It is a Quick master compact concrete plant with a production capacity of (135 - 135) m3 / hour from the Turkish Al-Kon Company, which will be the nucleus that feeds the largest project in the capital, Baghdad, the Mostaqbal City project.

Start of work in Future City

Baghdad - June 2023
Praise be to Allah, the actual start of the (Future City) project has begun, starting with the implementation of the road linking the project with the international road, and the fence surrounding the project. The Future City project is one of the leading mega projects in the capital, Baghdad, which is implemented by Modon Real Estate Development Company, one of the companies of Al-Handal International Group. We ask Allah for success in the completion of this edifice, which will be a landmark and icon in the city of Baghdad.

Launching the "Modon" application for smart devices

June, 2023
Modon Real Estate Development Company announced the launch of its smart application to be a new step in development and success, and work has been done on the application to facilitate communication between the company and its customers and to provide various services to the residents of our residential complexes, investors and those wishing to buy, and also makes it easier for everyone to identify our existing and future projects, to download Application:

IOS Version:
Android Version:

The inauguration of Hajja Hadia Mosque in the residential complex of Bayti

June, 2023
Praise be to God, the Hajj Hadia Mosque was inaugurated in my residential complex in Salah al-Din Governorate - Tikrit, and the first prayer was held there, which was the blessed Eid al-Adha prayer. - Al-Siniyah), and (Al-Hajja Hadia Mosque in Bayti Complex - Tikrit), may God accept from us and from you the good deeds, and Happy New Year.

Signing a contract for Mechanical and Electrical works for the third phase buildings

Baghdad - June, 2023
Over the past years, we have been able to document a history of art in the field of building and architecture in the light of a series of successes, and today we are witnessing a new qualitative transition in our field of work, a new vision and an action plan through which we complete the next stage of our journey through which we seek to strengthen our position among the best leading companies in the implementation of Residential complexes. With his praise, success, and support of the Board of Directors of Al-Handal Group, and then with the efforts of all work teams, Loft Design, Engineering Consultancy, and General Contracting signed a contract for the implementation of mechanical and electrical finishes and works for the buildings of the third phase in favor of Modon Real Estate Development Company on Wednesday evening, corresponding to the fourteenth of June 2023 The contract was signed in the presence of Eng. Omar Munther Al-Handal, Executive Director of Loft Company, and Mr. Fares Al-Balbeisi, Director of Business Development at MODON Company. We extend our thanks to Modon Real Estate Development Company, its CEO, Mr. Hardan Al-Handal, its engineering and administrative cadres, and all the efforts exerted to make this sustainable partnership a success and see the future.

MODON keeps pace with the latest technologies in the field of human resources

Baghdad - June, 2023
Since the beginning of the establishment of MODON Real Estate Development Company, it has been looking for the latest developments in the field of designs, work, material selection, and all that is modern in terms of electronic and engineering programs that facilitate work. Recently, MODON has introduced the HR Works electronic human resources system, which makes all employee work done electronically and via mobile phones and computers. Services include attendance fingerprints, leave lists, salaries, leave types, in addition to multiple reports in which all resource work is converted from paper to electronic. “MODON” is always at the forefront to serve everyone inside and outside the company

The head of the Baghdad Investment Commission visits the Buruj housing project

Baghdad - May 26, 2023
In a surprise visit to the Buruj residential project, the head of the Baghdad Investment Commission visited Engineer/ Hassan Ali Hassan, to see the stages of work within the project.
Buruj residential project is one of the pioneering projects in the capital Baghdad, and is located in an area of 290,727 m2, consisting of 31 residential towers with a vertical system, and the works are continuing in all stages of the project.

Modon Participates in Iraq Second Exhibition For Real Estate & Investment

Baghdad - May 2023
Modon Real Estate Development Company participated in the second Iraq Real Estate and Investment Exhibition from 1 to 4 May 2023, which was held in the capital, Baghdad, and this had an effective impact on diversifying the idea of real estate development among the participating companies. And it was distinguished as usual, which are the implementation projects and the implementation of the projects and projects that are planned to be implemented and implemented and implemented and the projects and implemented, which are my city projects in the city of Kirkuk, my home in the city of Tikrit, Buruj, Lavida and the future city in Baghdad. Modon Real Estate Development Pavilion received a great turnout and a remarkable interaction from the audience. It is worth mentioning the prominent presence of some prominent personalities in the board of the Chairman of the Investment Commission in Baghdad, Mr. Al-Hassan Jamil Hassan, and His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Faisal bin Abdul-Majeed, and they were received by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Handal International Group, Mr. Wadea Al-Handal, and the Executive Director of Cities, Mr. / Hardan Al-Handal.

Buruj Hotel wins the "Design 2022" Award for the best futuristic design in the Middle East

Dubai - October 2022
Our achievements and our constant passion continue to be at the forefront. Modon Real Estate Development Company, in cooperation with the “DLR” consulting company, won the award for the best future design in the Middle East for the Buruj Hotel from “Design 2022”, which confirms our interest in creativity in design to present new concepts in the development sector. Real estate to take it to the fore. In a joyful ceremony attended by the elite of the pioneers of real estate development and architectural design, the award was received by Mr. Hardan Al-Handal, CEO of MODON, and Mr. Hardan confirmed the company's constant keenness on development and creativity. IBuruj Hotel is a distinctive icon at the entrance to the Buruj residential complex in Baghdad, which is a few minutes away from Baghdad International Airport, with a height of 20 floors, with an international commercial annex, which adds luster and brilliance to the distinctive residential complex in the capital, Baghdad.
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